Thursday, September 01, 2005

Angel on my doorstep

An SP5 Angel sent me a great package. Alisa in CT,  stand up and take a bow!

  • A bookmark which is really a ruler (perfect for slipping in to a knitting book. I love multi-tasking!)
  • a skein of royal blue Briggs and Little wool (which the Middle Teen, lover of all things blue, is claiming
  • some variegated pink roving (which I have to test to see if it felts, and if so, I think it will become a Fiber Trends flamingo)
  • some brown roving--is this Romney? It seems a perfect match for some roving I have to spin up, so this will probably be part of a sweater)
  • two herb soaps -- rosemary and Melissa. They're the perfect size for my Lush shampoo tins, so they're going to go on the road with me when next I travel (November, I think: Houston, NY, Baltimore and Boston)

I know who my spoiler was supposed to be, but in the interest of being nice I won't out her (she flaked big time). Instead, I'll just be grateful to my two angels, Alisa and Sly Fox.

I won't say yet who I spoiled. I've sent her a final envelope and an email revealing myself; once I know she's got it/read it, I'll spill. I will say that it was very intimidating getting this person for my very first SP, but she's been lovely to spoil, and I had a great time. Next up, SP6!

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muse said...

I'm still working on my debut hat, crocheting whenever I can, though I wonder if it will ever fit anybody.