Sunday, September 11, 2005

The penny drops

Knitty is out. Everyone seems to be in love with Samus. Me? Meh. Too Mariah-y for me, and if I can't get motivated for the original, why for the simpler copy? My heart belongs to Cinxia. Love me that jacket, and I have some nice silk which should work for, it, too. I'll have to (gasp) swatch. Am I the only one who loves this? Don't make me host a KAL--right now I don't think I could host my way out of a paper bag.

Stitch Marker joy

Got another set from Marker Mania. Larissa Brown sent me a postcard of her work. It's what I sometime try to do in working with Not-Yarn, but taken much further, and much more thought out. She also sent an Altoids tin, which was super-cool, because AFAIK Altoids does not have rabbinical supervision, and though I've coveted their tins just for storing markers, I couldn't see buying a box and throwing out the insides. So thanks, Larissa!

And inside were the markers. Two nice leaf markers and then another duh, why didn't I think of that moment -- button markers!

The only thing better than great markers are great markers that make you think of the possibilities around you.

Go visit Larissa's portfolio. I covet Meme.

And the first of the September SMSP got here, from Plymouth, MA. Sparklies! These are going to be so good for my next few projects, all of which are black, black, and more black. And a beautiful blue glass bead with a subtle dark swirl.

(Can someone tell me how to photograph little beauties like stitch markers without them looking like they or I spent too much time in the local bar -- if we had a local bar?)

Amble is going nowhere fast. Tried the sock on The Spouse's foot. Couldn't even get the sucker over his heel. Back to the drawing board. Bigger needles? Nah--I like the fabric. More stitches! But 30 more is way too many. So I had to rechart for 14 additional stitches. Good thing is, I now really understand the pattern and am not tied to the chart any more.

Is the Clap a grow-er or a show-er? You decide:

Can anyone explain this hat ? The Coneheads are taking over Interweave?

In local news, Gazan Arabs announce that they plan to deny Jews ever lived on "their" turf.
Senior al-Aqsa member Abu Ahmad told Ynet that leaving the synagogues behind is a trap.

"The Israelis are leaving behind Israeli presence on our land so that in the future they can claim they were here and that it's theirs," he said...

Gee, I wonder if they're also planning to empty every media database in the world to cleanse the lies about our presence in Gaza? Isn't it exciting, kiddies? You get to get in on the ground floor of the Next Big Lie: Jews never, ever, at no time, lived in the Gaza Strip. All that news coverage about the Israeli pullout? Lies, all lies.
Maybe Bush's administration ought to hire Ahmad to handle the fallout over Katrina. He could start claiming that there never was a city of New Orleans in the first place…
Yossi Sarid may be a left-winger, but I'm thinking I may vote for him next time around. he was just on the radio saying to the government "You had no problem destroying 1,500 houses and the lives of 1,500 families, but a few synagogues you're afraid to destroy?" At least you know where you stand with the Left.


Danielle said...

The picture thing. My pictures turn out like that when I take them to close. I have to be about 12 inches away and in really really good light. Even a little movment at that close shows up.

Those stitch markers are great. I love the idea of using buttons.

Rachel Ann said...

Unfortunately I have a fear that people will forget in twenty years. Statements that we lived there, owned land, etc. etc. will be met with perplexed looks and "well there were a few tents and stuff maybe..."

I have always thought the world progressed like a person ages. I've a feeling we are entering old age and forgetting the past while we rush to grab what is coming up. Only we are grabbing empty air.