Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well, isn't that special

Yehuda Sado won last night's Kochav Nolad (Rising Star). The worst of Mizrachi voices meets the worst of mainstream songs. No wonder everybody has started to call it Kochav Nofel (Falling Star). At least the producers were classy enough to invite both soldiers and those expelled from their homes in Gaza. Of course, as always, no mention of those expelled from their homes in Ganim, Cadim, Homesh, and Sa-nur.

My kids' bus stop made the paper. Just what you want to see before school starts, isn't it? I don't know why this made the paper; it happens so often at this bus stop that it's a real "dog bites man" story.

The FO carnival continues--here are the Sockapal2za socks, ready and waiting on the blockers.

I'll send them along with the blockers, what's left of the skein in case repairs are ever needed, and a few other goodies. Gotta buy a box next time I'm out.

Had to wind another hank of yarn for the Clap. When Zira the monkey diva saw the winder, she insisted on taking a spin.

Zira is winding up her Israel tour and getting ready to head over to Emy in Singapore.

Zira's looking forward to lolling around on knitted cushions, so get to work, Emy!

Zira goes and the men (The Spouse and the Oldest Teen) arrive. Yesterday was the Oldest Teen's 18th birthday, and in a rare display of customer service El Al, without prompting by anyone, had a birthday card and a glass of champagne waiting for him. Too bad there wasn't enough alcohol to blind him to the too-small seat (and this kid is not overweight--he's got a 30" waist!) and the lousy food. I wonder if their planes have direct lines from the bathrooms to the food carts?

But forget bad food--tongiht, in honor of gaining some roosters in our hen-house, the roosters are doing a barbeque. Red meat. Potatoes. Yum!


emy said...

Please send my birthday wishes to your Oldest Teen :)

Katie said...

Love the socks.
I wish I were where you are, i have not had the pleasure of being in Israel in over eight years, My Mother and Father visited every year for 14 years, my aunt and uncle lived there until he passed away last year and she moved back to the states. I really love the Dates and figs, that is always what I requested when they visited, and I had to have honey also.