Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yom HaZikaron

Today is the state's memorial day for the fallen soldiers and victims of enemy activity. (I know the ideological reasons behind it, but I still prefer the general day of mourning on the 10th of Tevet; why cut all these people off from the continuum of Jewish mourning simply because they're Israeli?)

In memory of
Magen Friedman, killed in Lebanon. Two points, Magen. You always did win, and we're the ones who lost. (In Hebrew)

David and Rachel Gavish, along with their son and her father
Shlomo Miller
Gilad Zar
Hillel Lieberman
Rachel Shabo and three of her sons
Yaackov Parag

(Of course, like most Israelis, I know more fallen soldiers and terror victims than this. But I knew Magen since he was a little boy. The first four terror victims I listed had sons in The Oldest Teen's elementary school class [4 parents killed from a total of 36]) and the last 3 had girls in the Middle Teen's class.)

Yehi zikram baruch
Hashem Yikom damam

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Soccer Dad said...

I was discussing similar circumstances with my mother. At the school she works at (in Baltimore, called Rambam) they had a memorial for Dr. Shmuel Gilles. My mother mentioned that, at the memorial the also mentioned Dror Weinberg. I thought I saw where she was going with this. I said that my sister in law worked with Dr. Gilles's brother; my oldest nephew tutored Dror Weinberg's son; my brother was friends with Shimon Biran and my second nephew had Dickstein's in his class. The point being that growing up in America we rarely know families of people who are murdered. but it seems, unfortunately, that it's all too common in Israel.
aka Soccer Dad