Friday, May 06, 2005

Only in Israel

We got a letter from National Insurance. They are sending our file over to their debt collection division because we owe them--

Ready for this?

-1 NIS!

That's right--they are going to try to collect a negative number. Sure, I could have prevented this by sending in the form that tells them where I want them to send the 1 shekel they owe me, but a stamp costs something like 1.33 shekel.

Only in Israel.

Cotton growing season has begun

Yeah, this is probably not the best way to start the season, but it worked for me last year (as did ignoring a lot of other conventional advice; I ended up with more cotton than I could spin over the year).

Why I won't be seeing Hitchhikers'

I knew Rachel Gavish and Rachel Shabu. Rachel G taught The Middle Teen, and not long before she was murdered RG gave my girl a mid-term 100. "I never give these," RG told me at the PTA conference, "but her average is 103. I have to be fair." Rachel Corrie's friends were/are a lot of things, but fair isn't one of them. Rachel Shabu's daughter was in The Middle Teen's class. RS was the perennial PTA mom; none of us had to worry that we'd get stuck with the chore as long as RS was around. Yesterday The Spouse saw RS's mom -- she still, of course, feels the loss of her daughter and grandsons. Both of these Rachels were sitting at home with their families when murder burst through the door. Who's going to write plays about them?

Edited to add:

The Jerusalem Post article requires a free registration. If you want to read the article without registering, try the user name yeahright1 and password yeahright2 (courtesy of


Michelle said...


I want to know why you aren't going to see Hitchhiker's but I cant read the article without signing up. C'mon, tell us!

--Deb said...

So, what happens when the debt collector shows up at your door? He'll say, "You have an amount due with National Insurance," and hand you a shekel? That's too funny!

muse said...

and what about Rachelle Druk, mother of 7, from Shiloh, murdered on the bus on her way to the Madrid conference demostration? And Rachel Weiss murdered with her children, burnt to a crisp?

Mark said...

I have read the article, and didn't see a connection between the RC issue and Hitchhiker. Can you please clarify? Thanks for stopping by Auterrific, BTW.

Mark said...

Okay- alittle Hotbot search and I see that Alan Dick, er, Rickman is in the movie. Okay, off my list, too! A friend of mine said it was a mediocre film at best, anyway.