Sunday, May 08, 2005

Readers write

aka: my responses to a bunch of comments
aka: if I'm not at MD$W, I might as well take care of business

Muse and Mark reponded to my solo boycott of Hitchhiker because of Alan Rickman's particpation in both the movie and the London travesy of a show about (get ready for non-PC langauge) St. Pancake (shout out to my fellow LGF readers!). Muse, I didn't know Rachel Druk or Rachel Weiss, but I remember the night Rachel Druk was killed; I was at the demonstration that night. I sat in the tent at the bend of the road that eventually became Rachelim, and The Spouse wrote the first mezuzot which were placed on doorways by Mr. Rappaport. Mark, isn't it nice when politics saves you from wasting a few hours of disappointment? And I love the actor's new name--I think I'll adopt it.

Snooze, who got to go to a bookbookbook reading: If there's anything specific you want to know about Israel, just ask. Catherine, you pegged it--now that I've put away Passover (the last meat grinder was put away today; last year I never did find a space for it at all), I have survived!

Crazy Aunt Purl left me a comment--w00t! But be warned, m'dear--as my contribution to getting all Jews to live in Israel, if I ever get to LA I'm going to try to get Aharon to move home.

Andrea asked about controling th tape I plan to use for the Not Yarn Along. Truth is, I don't plan to. I love the way the reflection of light changes as the tape twists and turns, and since I don't plan to make anything wearable with it (this time) I don't need to be a perfectionist. Besides--who ever heard of a woman remaining a perfectionist when she harbors 3 teens?

And last but not least (especially to The Middle Teen): about that piercing. No way, no how, fuggedboutit. Nice try, Muse & Andrea, but the Creative Genius (no question mark here!) got it right--my house, my rules. If I thought she wanted the extra hole for some real reason, maybe she'd get it, but she wants it because other girls have it. Rosenblog said it better than I could: "The biggest problem here isn't [a piercing]. It's the idea that individuality comes from conformist costuming."

Google Referrals: For the person who came in looking for "camp maayanot"--send your daughter--it's great. For the person who was looking knitting classes in Sugarland Texas, I think I once saw a Sugarland knitting Yahoo group.

And finally, a link for anyone who thinks that my work is boring: Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, all about how the ancients viewed menstruation and stories of supfetation. What a fun Sunday evening read!

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muse said...

My parents always said no with: "If everybody's jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump, too?"
Of course they hadn't planned for me to be so different.