Wednesday, May 11, 2005

WIP Wednesday

I'm not a KAL ho. Really not. I did finish 2 KALs before I signed up for another 2.

Branching out is blocking:

The Youngest Teen loves it, and the only reason she won't be wearing it tomorrow when we go to Independence Day celebrations in Gaza is that she'd suffocate there in wool, even lace.
Now The Middle Teen wants one, too. I have the perfect yarn for it, but first I need to finish up a few other fibery committments. Before next winter, though. If I forget, remind me, OK?

I also finished my second pair of MeKAL socks.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing with the Not Yarn KAL. I'll be making a version of the Cocktail Monkey (which, for some reason, I keep calling "Chunky Monkey"). I already ran out of "yarn" once--happily, there are no dye lots on audio tape.

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