Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A ROAK and three KALs

Carrie from Southern Fried Knitting sent me a card on the most gorgeous notepaper.

The picture doesn't do it justice--let's just say that both The Middle Teen (an aspiring artist) and The Spouse (a paid artist) went bonkers over it. Thanks, Carrie!

KAL updates, a day late:
My Branching Out has a name--Autumn Leaves.

Since the yarn is singles, I'll need to severly block it, and lace does not show up too well in stripe-y yarn, but still, The Youngest Teen is loving it, and since it's for her, away we go. One third down, two thirds of the way to try to memorize something beyond row 1 and the even rows.

I made headway on the second pair of MeKAL socks. They're as fraternal as fraternal twins get (hello, you idiot, can't you even watch which repeat you start with? Sheesh) but the recipient won't mind. She'll know how much work went into these, since she knit them.

And yes, that is a nude loom they're perched on. The loom itself is in the other room right now, getting warped.

And I bought more yarn--this time for the Not Yarn Along. Yarn for a not-yarn KAL? See if you can ID it.

No? Here's a hint:

Next up: Cotton, cotton, cotton, and cotton.


Snooze said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. I want you to know that you have validated and affirmed my sock yarn stash in the best way possible, and it's a darned good thing since my order from Knitpicks contains 2 more pairs worth. OTOH, I just RAOK'd a coupla balls to someone, so, see...I should order more.

I'm gonna go drink my morning coffee and read your weblog. You're a transplant to Israel, eh? (I used to want to be...) and I find that amazing and wonderful, so I'm going to go mine your blog for info.


Catherine Kerth said...

i really like the colors your picked for your projects. great socks, i hope my socks turn out as well one of these days:) you are an official pass over survivor;)

laurie said...

I love the color on your branching out scarf!!! It's vibrant and lovely and I like it with the pattern, makes it look way more complex :)

I love your blog!!

Andrea said...

Moze! That's an awesome idea for the NotYarnAlong! I'm still not concrete on my choice... what do you do to make the flatness not create too many icky twists? I'm too much of a perfectionist for this! ;)