Thursday, May 05, 2005

Not cotton

The post on the glories of growing cotton is hereby postponed for this breaking newsflash:

I am an idjit.

No, really.

I wanted to warp my loom today. It felt like a Where's Waldo exercise--how many mistakes can you find?

1. 10 epi does not mean 10 slots per inch. If you want something 20 inches wide, you do not thread 200 slots worth of warp.

2. While the Spouse may be very tensiong, he is not great at putting tension on the warp.

3. When pulling threads through the holes, do not split the warp thread so badly you break it.

4. 6 ends means six. That's one more than the digits on one hand. 4 is not 6.

5. When rolling warp onto the back beam, there is a correct and an incorrect direction to wind. Use the correct.

And that was just the easily corrected mistakes. It took me 4.5 hours to warp the stupid loom because--

Reapeat after me--


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