Sunday, August 28, 2005

Welcome to the next verse, same as the first

I thought making a unilateral gesture was supposed to mean we wouldn't be victims of any more attacks. Paint me stupid!

Oh, of course. That wasn't it. People lost their homes and dreams to keep Sharon's son Omri from getting indicted. Oops--I guess that wasn't it, either, since the communities are gone and big ol' Omri's getting called on the carpet.

So, what exactly was all the pain for?

On a totally different note:
Friday the two youngest Teens took Zira to Tel Aviv, to the Nachlat Binyamin artists' market.

First, of course, Zira had to get ready to go to Tel Aviv (look, she's already cheating on Mickey, in bed with a different stuffie!):

The diva always rides in style.

Once there she checked out the vendors' wares:

and then went shopping at that ultimate mitnachelet store, HaAyin HaShlishit (The Third Eye):

Tomorrow there will be an FO! Me, finish something--what a concept.

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Creative Genius? said...

Can I trade places with Zira???