Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mail call

Lots of mail was waiting for me when I got home. Ever try digging out from a six week mountain?

Stitch Marker Swap:
From my SMSP in Fort Gratiot, MI:
Pretty glass beads with swirls of color, topped by cordinating smaller beads, on rings big enough to use with my bulky yarns.

From my SMSP who was crafty enough not only to not put a return address on the envelope, but to not even get the stamps cancelled, so I have no idea where she is! (I say she because the handwriting is beautiful and feminine.) Orange glass beads with polka dots (like the ones I drool over at Imperal in Tel Aviv) and little gold and orange beads, also on rings big enough for any project. She also included a small sock marker, with a charm shaped like a letter with a heart coming out, and on the reverse side "Made with love." Well, of course, everything I do is made with--I mean by--love! (My Hebrew name means "love.") And she sent a card with the most adorable hand-colored sheep (whose face was echoed on the envelope). Is there any English word for mashkianit? (One who puts a lot of work and attention into the small details and the whole picture at the same time.)

And the last of the August SMSP, from Jen L.. What monkey-licious markers! Dark orange-red with clear beads, and a slightly longer one with the same orange-red beads and green coordinating beads, all packed up in a pink and orange organza bag and tied with what looks like handspun yarn in shades of
purple from pinkish to greyish.

There were also Stitch Mania markers:

From Leah a dichroic glass bead (love these!) marker, a marker with a yellow-centered clear bead, and two dangling markers with dragonfly charms. She didn't put them on rings so I could choose my own size--clever!

She also sent a card with a little girl knitting on dpns. Looks just like my best friend's daughter.

I hope your life has calmed down a little, Leah!

And I got an amazing package from Kat. It looks like she scanned ransom-note letters and pictures of shoes into her computer, printed them out on card stock, and made adorable boxes out of the result. I've got to figure out her folds without deconstructing the box literally; it's just too cute.

She filled the box with holographic Easter grass, 4 pins (I heart sheep, I heart yarn, a drawing of a sheep and--too true-- "Will work for yarn." She must know me very well....) and 2 sets of stitch markers -- short markers each with a single blue bead and dangling markers with chips, stars, green-tea and pearlescent balls, and flower-power squares. Wow!

Julie RAOKed me with an origami crane.

Origami cranes are said to represent hope and peace--two things sorely lacking around here right now.

And last, but certainly not least--my new SP sent me a postcard! It was perfect--it's of NYC, which I always desperately miss when I've left.

My new SP? Yes, my first match flaked out on me. I know who it is, and it's very tempting to email her and moan, or post on her blog, or something of that sort, but... I know she's going through a lot right now, and I understand why she's backed out. I just wish she had informed the coordinator, Rox, so she could have been replaced earlier. Instead she's gone MIA. But Rox has been amazing, holding my hand through this, and now getting me an angel. But tell me--the postcard was mailed from NY--so how could you not have had a bagel with a schmear and lox in your life?

Zira update:

Yesterday Indigo Muse warned me that Zira was nuthin' but trouble.

How true, how true. Today Zira and the Youngest Twin went to the range in Ariel. Man can that monkey handle a 9mm!

Next it's off to a Bnei Akiva staff meeting in Petach Tikvah.


Anonymous said...

Your 'new' SP here. Your package just shipped today, after a pretty insane delay (sorry!) on my end. It should be there in 7-10 days.

And I love cream cheese, but have never really gotten the hang of lox. ;)

mf said...

WOW!! Awesome markers from both swaps and lovely extras and the card is sooo cute so is your monkey, the orgarmi is cool too! Enjoy!Tkaes time to unbury yourself I'm sure

Anonymous said...

Sly Fox has never been to NY. But hopes to someday.

: )