Friday, August 26, 2005

Me Me Meme

Zibibbo tagged me.

10 years ago I was still unpacking this house that I moved into to get away from the neighbors in my rental neighborhood. Seven years ago all the neighbors (every gosh-darn one of them aside from the one who is my friend) moved into the houses around me. The unpacking was finished last Pesach.

5 years ago I was frantically getting ready for The Oldest Teen's bar mitzvah. There were a lot of political rallies that summer--I remember a big one in Zion Square the night we went to give the advance on the hall, which is in the Clal Bulding -- and being nervous that something would happen to mess up our plans, but for the life of me I can't recall what stupidity the government was pulling. I do know that in late September the war broke out.

1 year ago I was working a lot in my garden, harvesting my vegetables and flowers and trying to lay low. A lazy summer (aside from full-time work).

Yesterday I worked a 12 hour day, knit, played coordinator between two girls in different cities and two men overseas, tried to help a family from Kfar Darom find a new place to live and some boys a new place to learn. Then, when I was ready to collapse into bed I realized that the sons of my neighbors (see above, "10 years ago") were partying in the hut they've built themselves underneath my daughters' bedroom windows (sometimes the apathy of the place I live in is nearly enough to turn me into a flaming leftist) -- until 3 am. Instead of sleeping I watched Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft in "To Be or Not To Be" and knit on my tank top.

5 snacks: Reese's peanut butter cups. Gari. Raisin bread with butter and sugar. Oranges. Watermelon. Not together, of course.

5 songs i know all the words to: Geez, talk about tough. I have a weird brain--I hear a song once or twice and I know all the words. That's why I started a site for Betty Buckley fans with the words to many, many of her songs (from what I've heard and she's even told me, including some she's forgotten she sang!) How about the last 5 songs I sang (around the house--if I sang outside, with my voice, I'd be called a terrorist): Cherry Bomb (Joan Jett). Bunika bata doba (from the last Eurovision). Ata Kadosh (Adi Ran). Touch Me Fall (Indigo Girls). Sycamore Trees (Betty Buckley).

5 things I would do with 100 million: Buy a house in north Tel Aviv so when I get expelled from mine by "my" government I'm not living in a tent in the middle of Tel Aviv. Start a charity to help synagogues repair their Torah scrolls or buy new ones. Buy a vintage Airstream for us to use in the US. Start a newspaper which would really reflect Jewish right-wing views (without having any involvement by the General Security Services). Buy investment property for each of my kids.

5 places to run away to: Do the 5 boroughs count as 5 choices? Well, I probably wouldn't run away to the Bronx or Staten Island, so... New York. Las Vegas (not for the gambling, for Red Rock Canyon, and for my cousin's synagogue). Australia (don't know which city, if any). Hawaii. Palm Beach.

5 things I would never wear: Low riders. A cut off T. A "Machsom Watch" T shirt. A "Cahana Chai" T shirt. A backwards baseball cap.

5 favorite tv shows: Oooh. I can't remember the last time I watched TV because I wanted to (as opposed to being in the room when someone else watched it). None of my favorite shows are still on. Eight is Enough. St. Elsewhere. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Boy Meets World. Chatzei HaMinasheh.

5 biggest joys: Hiking with my family. Other people's babies. Spinning my home-grown cotton. Fresh hot bread. Walking the beach by Shirat HaYam (maybe again some day. Where there is life there's hope).

5 favorite toys: My blow up pink palm tree. My Buzz Lightyear spinning pen. My knitting needles. My Shrek ears. My collection of mice (including and especially the human one).

I've totally lost track of who has already been tagged and who hasn't, so if you want to do it and haven't yet, take it--it's yours.

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zibibbo said...

*perks up* spin your own homegrown cotton? Wow! Thanks for playing along (: