Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sockspal2za update

The second sock is ready for Kitchenering, which means I'll meet the deadline easily. (Since I'm back home, I'll mail it a week and a half early.)

It was a well travelled sock. Some of the places it posed for pictures (no autographs, please):

The Delaware River, for a day of rafting and swimming

The Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan

New York City

Since I don't like putting my family's faces on this blog, The Spouse has started to take feet pictures.

On the Staten Island Ferry. The Youngest Teen has the horrible green toe polish, The Middle Teen the horrible blue, and The Oldest Teen is in sneakers.

At the beach

At the Delaware River in Matamoris, NY.

When a squirrel poses so politely, how can you not take his picture?

Thursday we went to see the Brooklyn Cyclones in action. Or is that in inaction?

The first 7 innings were snoozers, but then they finally hit their stride. It took 11 innings, but the Cyclones won against the Williamsport Wildcutters, 4 to 3. We started out in General Admission--never again. Lots of fresh little kids and their bored parents, too busy talking on their cellphones to keep an eye on their children. Since the start of the game was so boring, though, we moved around, and ended up in the third row behind 3rd base.

We also went to Shakespeare in the Park. (Two Gentlemen of Verona--pretty good, but I don't like the modern mish-mash of tunes. OK, I also want to hurl when I hear a Lloyd-Webber "single tune with variations" show, but this is too extreme a reaction. A little consistency is all I'm asking. Just a little.) The kids enjoyed it and didn't even need my help in figuring out the story line. They've grown up since we saw Tartuffe 4 years ago.

The day we left we went up to the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building. It's not my favorite place to go--the city doesn't change enough that I'd go as often as I do except my BIL has an office in the building, so we get free tickets. Zira (see below) liked it, though.


Crossposted to Zira's World Tour

Zira arrived at our mail drop on Shabbat. When Shabbat was over we picked her up, and right away she started making friends.

Zira and The Youngest Teen's little friend Evan Z. Voice. Don't they make a cute couple?

Sunday we took her to a family barbeque, and then to the beach

Sunday night we took her for a ride on the Wonder Wheel, a historic ferris wheel. She loved the swinging car!

On Monday, Zira rode the subway

and went to the top of the Empire State building

Then she did a little shopping

All that exhausted the poor dear, so she stopped for a drink.

Later that afternoon, she and her new friend jetted off to Israel. She was a little nervous, but her friend reassured her.

Today Zira is in Jerusalem with the two younger Teens, but no pictures--I can trust them with either the camera or the monkey, but not both!


IndigoMuse said...

Sure looks like Zira was making out with Mickey on the plane. Keep an eye on her. She's nothing but trouble :) You guys were busy in NYC. I'm tired just reading this post. Glad you got back safely.


Joni said...

Love the foot pictures, they cracked me up. I can definitely see the family resemblance. :P

zibibbo said...

Yes! Happy you're back. Love the feet! I well, you know, not that I love feet just love the pics!

zibibbo said...

And (yes, it's me again) You've been tagged! See my "the me meme" post.

Checked out the Zira page, what a fun concept!

Batya said...

This post has been included in the very latest Heval Hevalim! Take a gander, and let the world know!

Mirty said...

These pictures are adorable. Thanks for the smile!