Monday, August 29, 2005

Summer of Lace FO

Adrienne Vittadini Fiona is finally an FO! About time. It was my entry into the Summer of Lace KAL, and summer's over on Sunday, when school starts. Yes, I know, people think light weight when they think of summer lace. Me, I think Fall. Because I'm crazy. But you already knew that, didn't you?
The Youngest Teen modeled it just before she went off to Tel Aviv with Zira--and without her camera...

When they got home, they sat down to do a little beading:

Boy is the Youngest Teen going to miss Zira when she heads off to Singapore at the end of the week!

One project off the needles means one on -- so here's Clapotis V. 2. It's for the Middle Teen, made with Tweedy Lamb gifted to me by Chrissie for winning her comment contest.

You'll notice I'm also using markers from my SMSP. The first time I knit a Clap I did it without markers, and I may yet take them off this, so I'm purling the stitch to be dropped as I learned from the Harlot.

While I'm writing this the final of Israeli Idol is on Tv. How boring. Maybe it's because none of the contestants I thought were good are on? Maybe. Maybe it's because the guy singing has yet to hit a note full on. Some things just shouldn't drag on; they'll never top Season 1.


emy said...

Hey, send my regards to Marian :)
Zira's coming to visit me in Singapore.

zibibbo said...

ooh Fiona is bellissima! Complementi!