Monday, August 08, 2005

We don't have a rat as our mascot

Vacation is the time for little or no blog posting, right? So I'm forgiven, right?

So what have we been doing? The Spouse was interviewed for South Florida Today (PBS). The show will air the first week of September.

I finished my Chutes and Ladders in the nick of time--a quarter to midnight on July 31.

The Middle Teen has been working on her sewing. She made a tote for herself with no pattern at all:

and then made a similar one with a different fabric for her sister.

And we went on a real vacation, just the five of us

Driving down I-95 you see hundreds of signs for Yeehaw Junction. Even they admit it's a bit of overkill:

since when you get there it's this tiny little trailer. Not even South of the Border, as we'd expected.

We went to Epcot

and the Magic Kingdom.

Of course knitting went along:

Sockotta socks

Sockspal2za socks

We love fireworks!

The last day was Universal Studios. Do they have a "we're not Disney" complex or what!

This is a kids' ride? Eew--most of the Moze family got off it sick to our stomachs. When they say blast, they aren't kidding!

Rides so nice we did them twice:
Shrek 4-D

Horror Make-Up Show

The Youngest Teen watching the fireworks:


alison said...

How fun! Love the socks in front of the castle photos. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hey, neat! I'm making similar socks to your Sockapal2za ones for my mom's birthday. Same yarn I think. And yours look like ankle-types too. Cool!

-Sarah G.

Lynn said...

So, did you knit in line when you were at WDW? My dear husband and I are heading there in November, and he's already asking me what I'm planning to bring with me that will fit in my little "I'm-playing-in-the-theme-parks" bag of tricks.

Batya said...

I'm also back, and my hat is growing, the one I'm crocheting, but someone told me I'm doing it all wrong.