Sunday, April 02, 2006

Flash Your Stash

Since it's still April 1 somewhere, and since Flickr is now cooperating, I present you -- most of the Mozemen stash. (A few cones of acryclic, a few of cones of ombre Peaches & Creme, a cone of blue metallic, and 2 cones of burgandy weaving warp cotton didn't attend the roll-call, aka pulling the stash from my office/Pesach kitchen):

Nothing special here. Wool and wool blend in the front left, sock yarns in the clear plastic bag and the yellow-topped container, acryclic mainly hidden behind the large empty container and in the big black hangy thingy, cotton and cotton blends in the back right, and metallics in the front right. Best of the bunch: the Noro which is sitting proudly on wools. Source of most of the stash: Goodwill, West Palm Beach.


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That's still quite some stash isn't it?! :)