Friday, March 31, 2006

We interrupt the travelogue

Arab, Dressed as Jewish Hitchhiker, Murders Four

May G-d avenge their murders, and may the Israeli government not wait for G-d to do so.

The Middle Teen is taking the news about Shaked (HY"D) hard, as she knew him, and it's taking her back a few years to when Rachel Gavish (her teacher) and Rachel Shabo (her classmate's mother) were murdered.


Christine said...

Give the Middle Teen a hug for me. I wish that all people would understand that G-d wouldn't want any of the killings to happen.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Awful. I'm sorry. It can't be at all pleasant as a mother to watch your children deal with this kind of thing. I send you all good thoughts.

Jane Dark said...

My love to Middle Teen; I wouldn't know how to deal with that at all.

zibibbo said...

good grief. I'd read the news and immediately thought of those of you who are there. Yes, hugs to all.