Monday, April 17, 2006

Celebration of democracy

A suicide terrorist blew himself up in Tel Aviv, and the 17th Knesset was sworn in.

According to the Jerusalem Post,
Interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said earlier in the day, "We intended to open the first session of the Knesset and the faction in a better mood."

Aw, gee. What a shame. 9 people inconveniently die and wreck old Ehud's mood.

And get this:
[Tzachi] Hanegbi later arrived, saying that traffic jams following the terror attack prevented him from arriving on time.

Damn those Jews. Always getting themselves blown up at the worst times. Tzachi missed a great party! How do I know? Check out this screen capture from Channel 2:

Just because the public expects you to show people crouching down to pick up the bits and pieces of what used to be human beings is no reason not to entertain us with the rockin' sounds of the guitar and organ hired for the Knesset party.

N.B. Yes, we were in Tel Aviv when the bomb went off, but thankfully we were walking down the boardwalk, where I had wanted to get a beauty shot of my sockapaloooza socks.

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