Friday, April 14, 2006

Anthropology & fiber

Yes, we actually did do some things in Mexico City that didn't involve cows (well, aside from eating them).

We weren't supposed to get in to Mexico City until Friday, but we arrived Thursday night, so we did what the convention organizers tols us never to do and walked around. (Hey, we had to hit the Kinkos and we had to get food.) We were staying in Col. Polanco during the Water Forum, so the streets were very secure--there were more cops and private security forces out than regular people.

We really lucked out. Once again, Hebrew proved to be the universal language, as each of the four times we hit the Kinko's', though the clerk spoke only Spanish, we found a kippah wearer ready to serve as translator.

Friday the rest of our group arrived, and we went to The National Museum of Anthropology, which is lke two, two, two museums in one. On the bottom floor there's the history and archeology of Mexico, particularly the area around Mexico City, with the standard statues, like this one of the rain god

and some non-standard displays, like lots of skeletons. (Mexico City takes its skeletons very seriously)

But upstairs--ah, upstairs is a different world. A fibery world.

A world I could have played in all day, if only they'd have let me into the exhibits, instead of looking at these tools through glass.

Even the socks came along for the ride:

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Anonymous said...

Interesting! Just curious- how many Jews in Mexico City? Were you able to find a seder?