Sunday, April 02, 2006

Congratulate me!

My daughter got married.

No, this isn't an April Fool's joke (it's April 2, after all). Yes, this is the Youngest Teen. Yes, we're thrilled with her choice of a life partner.

Oh--did you forget that the next post I *intended* to put up was the Purim post?

Our bat bayit, S, got a wedding gown which was going around the school and asked my daughter to be her "groom" on Purim. Notice how, even though she can borrow her friend's suit, her brother's shirt, and her father's tie and kippah, she still wears her own skirt and work boots. What a formal groom she makes.

The couple got some odd look as they walked around town, but most of my neighbors got into it, singing and dancing for them (including the young couple's former elementary school principal).

We ate, we drank, we partied with the best of them, and then, after the Purim meal, The Spouse and I abandoned the kids to fly to Paris.


--Deb said...

Oh, congratulations!!

Creative Genius? said...

oh good heavens - I am Jewish and it took me three reads to "get it".... wow... I'm slipping :-)

zib said...


Ya had me goin' there, I'd missed the skirt on first scroll!

Janjan said...