Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sox it to me

I finished one half of my Just for Me KAL

so of course I had to go buy more yarn (not like I don't have enough sock yarn for the next pair, but I didn't have any Regia, I could get Regia in Jerusalem, so I needed Regia. Call it knitter's logic):

I'm not sure what's so special about the Regia. It doesn't look much different, knitted up, than the Lion Brand Magic Stripes, but it's about twice the price. I have a similar colorway in the Lion Brand, so I'll probably knit them both and compare.
I did want to start A's orange socks in Trekking, but even though I went down to a 3 mm the fabric seemed to flimsy, and since I'll be on an enforced knitting vacation over Passover, I wanted instant results, not swatching. Anyone know the best needle size and number of stitches for a women's medium sock?

Despite two exhausting days of shopping, one in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem, S found nothing to wear for the holiday, so she designed herself a skirt. Only problem was that when she went to sew it together (nothing like last minute, is there?) the sewing machine wasn't working. The belt would turn, but the needle wasn't going up and down. B worked on it for about an hour, got it up and running, and then S cleaned the beast

This was my father's wedding present to my mom almost 56 years ago: the "EY" on the machine is all that's left of the transfer letters "Mickey," my mom's nickname. Wasn't he just the most romantic groom?

The size of my stash is beginning to concern me. B may have to move his office up to the house soon; the town has out a nursery school into his building, in the room next to his office, and he suspects that it's part one of implementing the town's long-dreamt-of plan to kick the scribes out of their own office building. Never mind that the building is unsuitable for use as a nursery: it's in the middle of a parking lot with no fence around the building, the roof and walls leak, the building has no piping for hot water, it has one toilet (which leaks sewage), the walls all sport black mold, and the scribes all use poisonous airborne chemicals in their work. Oh, yeah, and there are rats in the roof.

Anywho, B thinks he may need a new office soon, and the best available space is my office. I don't really need all the space I have; I could move into a corner of the dining room and convert that. But it does leave the problem of where to place the stash, currently in the corner of my office: two 58 liter storage boxes and a very large IKEA 6 section hanging organizer. I really shouldn't buy more yarn until I use soem of this up, but I make no pledges--I know I'm weak. Hopefully some of this will get used up quickly in weaving, but I've heard other new weavers say this, only to be mocked by the more experienced who know that with each new hobby, a new stash will grow.

Next up: Andrea asked a really good question about what I would do if my kids came home with crazy piercings, which deserves a better answer than I can give the day before Passover, so check this space next week, when there will be no knitting content in any case!


diann said...

Regarding socks...I knit all my sock weight and /or fingering weight sock yarns on 1s using 64 or 66 stitches unless otherwise specified by a pattern. It's such a treat to use 2s with larger yarns!

I'm curious about the "no knitting during Pesach" rule. Granted I'm a convert and don't know all the rules, but neither of the rabbis I studied with (one Orthodox, one Traditional) ever mentioned not knitting during Pesach. It would be very hard for me to give up my relaxation-meditation-me time for 8 days!

Have a wonderful Pesach!

/Diann (

Andrea said...

Moze! I feel your button envy. It finally came to me one day right before I fell asleep (don't you get the best ideas while you lay awake at night??) Anyhoo, I took the background image of my blog, made a selection the size of a button, and said "crop to selection." That way I had a chunk of an image to use as a background... that's what I got stuck on when I tried to make one from scratch before. - find a pic you like, & crop it! - Then I just added a text layer over top & added a border around the edge! I used Paint Shop Pro, but I'm sure you can do it in something else? Let me know if I'm not making any sense and I can be more specific :) I can't wait to you make a button so I can put it on my site!

Andrea said...

I was messin' around and made this button for you... It should work until you can make a more special one if you want! :)

Andrea said...

and here's a smaller version :)

Andrea said...

You're so welcome! Glad you like it :)