Monday, April 25, 2005


Andrea not only gifted me with a button of my own, she's given my daughter S her first taste of blogging. You see, Andrea asked

what would you do if your teen got a crazy piercing? Or have they?

And I though that I could answer, but of course I would probably try to make myself look good. Instead, the real deal, from my 15 year old daughter:

As her teenaged daughter I will answer. The most outrageous piercing I tried
to do was a second hole in my ear -- and when I came home I was almost
murdered. (My parents really didn't like the idea.)


I would be very happy if you could make my parents change their minds.


muse said...

I have a second hole in one ear, given as a gift by my three daughters, in honor of my last of the previous "decade" birthday.

And teenagers? My kids are all older, so as long as it's in the ear, don't fret.

ps Great for using precious but single earrings, and sometimes I wear three completely different ones.

Creative Genius? said...

Funny question... I am the oldest of three children. Anything and everything I did that was out of the "norm" my (jewish) mother got very angry at....

If I came home with hair dyed with wash in/wash out dye -- she turned shades of purple... but when my youngest sister just two days later came home with hair that she had dyed with yellow "Kool Aid" - my mother just loved it!

When I, as a teenager, (who is six years older than my sister and three years older than my brother) came home wanting to get a second hole in my ears - my mother forbid me. But it wasn't until my brother and sister wanted earrings did she allow me to...

Then I became and adult, moved out, got married, and got my belly button pierced when I was 27.... And you know what... because I was an adult, making money on my own, living on my own - my mother could complain all she wanted - but all I had to do was hang up the phone when I didn't want to hear anymore!

So to your daughter... the time will come when you are an adult and you can get all the holes in your body that you want.... but for now - enjoy living under your parents roof! You'll miss it when you're gone!

Andrea said...


I hope I don't have a bad influence on your daughter!! ;) But honestly, second holes in ears are really cute!

I got the second holes in my ears when I was 15 or so... I went with a friend and her mom claimed to be my mom! I also got the cartilage up top pierced, but the lady did it crookedly (you couldn't tell by looking at it, but it wouldn't heal right) so I eventually took it out & got the other side done instead. I didn't really get in trouble... But I don't recommend that piercing if you're sensitive to pain - it hurts for a long time!

Then, the summer after I graduated high school, right after I turned 18 - I went on a trip w/ a friend to Texas. I took the liberty of getting my tongue pierced in Detroit before flying out, since we'd be gone for a week, I figured I'd get the swelling part over with while I was away... Got back, & all would've been fine, except that my friend got her eyebrow pierced, which made my mother say "OK, what did you get???" She was jokingly checking my body parts - ears, nose, belly button... then she said "Stick out your tongue" - not really thinking I'd do that... and she screamed!!

It took 2 weeks for her to get over it, after all her friends reminded her that I was such a good girl, if the worst thing I did was pierce my tongue, she was lucky. I let it close up after about 3 years when it fell out & my husband (then boyfriend) & his cousins said I should leave it out...

In the end, My mom got tattoed with me when I was 21 (and she was "21 twice!";) Matching butterflies.. er, almost. Mine's crazy detailed & bigger, hers is the same outline but diff. colors & stuff inside, on her ankle.

OK I think I wrote a book... but basically once you pick up your jaw from the table after reading about my piercing escapades, I'm sure you won't mind your daughter just getting second holes! ;)