Thursday, April 07, 2005

Playing hooky

So I have a month's worth of work to catch up on. Your point? I mean, I had this waiting to be played with

not to mention all that yarn (let's not mention it--I have so much I brought home that I've got that deer-in-the-headlights feeling. Do I start with the sock yarn? The cotton for sweatshirts? The wool?) In the meantime, all I've done is spin up most of the Holoween roving I bought at Downtown Yarns in NY. I try to learn something new on each project, and this will be learning to keep colors in a roving relatively separate and I suppose Andean plying, since I want to keep from barberpoling the plied yarn, too.

I worked full days Tuesday and Wednesday, so today I took a half day off, claiming jet-lag. I started weaving a headscarf:

I also worked on gathering the lyrics to the songs from Betty Buckley's new show at the Carlyle. I went last Saturday night to see it with some friends (B's birthday present was *not* having to come with us!). I wish she'd do more songs by 60s and 70s singers--Jefferson whatever-their-airborne-mode-of-transportation-is, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell--she knocks those songs right out of the park. And I adore her humorous songs (I wish Lyle Lovett would write one just for her). I like the belt and torch songs less--she seems to me to still be that little girl with the large voice looking for approval from her parents and teachers; her whole persona changes when she's doing 1940s songs or tales of unrequited love.

Herself is at the Carlyle until the end of this week; I'd go again if I could. She's looking and sounding better than she has anytime this decade. Texas must agree with her.

The other reason I'm playing hooky? If I were working, I'd be paying attention to the Israeli news, and that's just wrist-slitting depressing. Read Biur Chametz if you want to know what I mean. Sheesh. My 13 year old, who's politically active, has tld me she doesn't want to go down to Gush Katif when [if] there's the eviction--she's scared the army will kill people, and, she said, "I don't want to die." What is this country coming to when a kid is more afraid of her country's own army than of the enemy?


muse said...

It is frightening and depressing, and one of your pictures is just dark, nothing to look at.
My eldest, much older than yours probably, is still very traumatized by Yamit.

diann said...

Answers to your interview questions are up!

Playing hooky sounds like fun, and the headscarf looks good - a bit dark, but pretty and good progress (I think, I don't know anything about weaving).