Tuesday, April 12, 2005

*&^$#&*%*%^&(^ &@*(

For a year I've been working on a study proposal, and about 6 months ago I found a EU grant mechanism which sounded perfect for it. Worked on the proposal, begged my boss to hire a professional grant writer. Last month he finally agreed, so I stopped working on the proposal.

9 PM tonight: My boss casually mentions that he needs to get an update from the grant writer.

Me: You do remember that the deadline is tomorrow, right?

Boss: I thought tomorrow was our internal deadline, and the EU dealine was the 30th.

Me: No, it's 5 pm tomorrow.

Boss: Oh, I'll call the grant writer.

20 minutes later Boss lets me know that the grant writer doesn't think we'd get any money, so he hasn't started to work on the proposal, nor does he plan to.

Guess who has 23.5 hours to pull together a 2 million dollar grant proposal?

If you never see me again, I'm lost in the depths of EU paperwork--send help.


Danielle said...

That does not sound fun.

I hope you get it completed in your time limit.


Aggie said...

Grant writing...I spend a lot of time planning and working on them. I feel your pain!