Thursday, April 14, 2005

Me, Me part 2

Andrea recommended

Book: Good Grief, by Lolly Winston

Oh, I've got to get this. I've always had a thing about young widow stories (which used to scare me, but now that I'm almost 40 I'm too old to be a young widow). The excerpt on Amazon seemed promising.

Now, her questions to me:

1. If you could live in any country/city - which would it be & why?
Well, I chose to live in Israel--moved here at 25, so I guess my answer should be Israel and my little town, but it's not. With all the crap going on here, I often forget why I wanted to move here in the first place. I sometimes regret moving here, but it was a great move for our kids--the way they've grown up here is something I cuoldn't pay for elsewhere.

In my heart of hearts, though, I'm still a New York City girl, and if I had the chance to move to Manhattan I'd be sorely tempted. Why? I don't think I can explain. Someone once said that you're either born a New Yorker or you're not, and I definitely was.

The other place I could easily move to is Las Vegas. The Jewish community there is friendly, there's always something to do, and one of my favorite spots on earth, Red Rock Canyon, is there. Of course, since there are no real Jewish schools there, I couldn't move at this point and I'm not in the market to move, but it's still in my top 3 cities to live in.

2. What's your favorite thing to do when you finally get some well-deserved alone time (besides knitting? ;)

Do weaving and crocheting count? [g] I'm a very hyper person, so I have a hard time just sitting still. Unless it's a Sabbath or holiday, I'll always have something in my hands during down time, unless I'm in the garden. On Sabbaths and holidays I read and sleep a lot. A lot--I mean something like 5-7 books within 24 hours and 12 hours of sleep or more.

3. What is the funniest thing you've ever witnessed?

There's a reason Orthodox Jewish men don't do mixed dancing. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it's about modesty -- it's that they can't do it. One year the assistant prinicpal at B's school was retiring and they had a dinner dance, making sure to order us kosher food, so we felt we had to go. They sort of taunted B until he agreed to dance just one dance with me. Ever see a rabbi do the funky chicken? To "My Heart Will Go On"?

Michelle recommended:
A Book anything by Terry Pratchett

He's the guy who's got a character Cohen the Barbarian, doesn't he? I keep meaning to get one of these books for B. Which would you recommend as a first purchase?


1. Living in Israel, what's your number one tourist pet peeve?
Hands down, no question, the International Solidarity Movement. I dislike them so much I'm not even going to give the link to their website. These idiots come into the country on tourist visas, illegally enter war zones, face off with Israeli soldiers, and then sue when they get hurt. Um, hello? You lied your way into a country and knowingly put yuorself into the danger zone of a war that's not even yours, run home to complain to your own momma if you get hurt. They've got chutzpa only matched by the man who killed his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan. And even lower than your garden variety ISM moonbats are the ones who lie their way into a free ticket through Birthright Israel. Not only do they do all the people above do, but they take advantage of the goodness of other people's hearts (and pocketbooks) to do so.

2. Do you have pets? Would you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person?
I have my cat, Princess (aka Dumb Cat -- she's a blonde at heart, and partially in fur). I love little dogs, but they don't fit into our lifestyle; most of the dogs I know are eternal 2 year olds, and cats are more like teens--sleep all day, surly, but boy do they love you when you feed them.

3. Of all your knitting projects, which one are you most proud of? Which one do you wish the sock gremlins would steal?
Idest of B's sweater and hat set. I spun 3 pounds of roving, plied it, knit it (first time doing cables), shopped in 2 countries for the buttons. If the sock gremlins want to stop by for my Oscar the Grouch socks that I'm trying to work up the courage to rip *again,* I'll even feed them some cookies as a thank you.

Now what I want to know, Michelle, is what's up with your school program. If you want to direct, why are you being forced to do history? What sort of job do you think (as opposed to wish) you'll get after you finish? And you're right, you can't beat a good riot on opening night, which is why the musical opening night and/or preview week I wish I'd seen has to be Carrie. Kill the pig!

The first weaving project is done!

It sure looks like a first project--bad beating, weft pulled too tightly in some spots not tight enough in others, floats, etc., but by gosh it is FABRIC! I put it on last night the way I plan to wear it (tied into another scarf) and my teens even liked it. Now that's high praise. I've just got to wash it (hence the picture--if it falls apart, I want proof I did actually make it) and I'll have at least one new thing for Passover.

Muse asks if I'm knitting again. Yep, I gave in to the pressure. Knowing that I wouldn't be allowed to knit for a week pushed me right into the arms of a project. I don't mind taking a knitting vacation, but being forced into it just makes me want to load up first--sort of like Mardi Gras, I guess, or how people are chowing down on bread this week.

B is coming home from the States tommorrow. I guess that means I should actually start cleaning, doesn't it?


Michelle said...

Well . . .
When I was a wee young thing, fresh out of grad school, I wanted to get an MFA in directing. The directing school lords told me "get thee forth into the world and come back with life experience, like 10 years of it" and I cried "but what, sirs, shall I do until then"? but they had already returned to their quiche and their hotly contested arguement about whether the man with the baton in the print of the Martyrdom of St. Appolonia was the stage manager or a conductor.

Then a kind old professor said, "Have you though about academia?" And off I went. I want to get a job as a college professor, teach and direct. With a PhD I can do that. So I am tapdancing through flaming hoops to eventually get the job that will make me happy. :)

As for Pratchett, I can but recommend starting at the beginning because many of the later books build on the earlier ones, although it is not required.

Andrea said...

Moze - You know, I've still never been to NYC. It's sad. Never been to Vegas either, though I have a great friend who lives there and has a great band too! I hope to get to NYC in the next year... when I graduated high school I had the chance to go to NYC w/ my parents and little bro, or head to Texas for a trip with my friend to see her bf. I chose the latter, thinking NYC would be way cooler sans 'rents, and came home with my tongue pierced and a sunburn ;) Actually, got the piercing in Ypsilanti (West of Detroit) b4 flying out, so I could endure the swelling while away from mom ;) I think I gage her a heart attack and it surely subtracted 5 years from her livelihood. I've since taken it out, but what would you do if your teen got a crazy piercing? Or have they? Wow this was a rant.. sorry! ;)