Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Love live sexism!

I'm blogging remotely today. Though I have 3 phone lines in my house, none work. A poll of my neighbors shows that of the 32 units on my block, three have phone service, two have partial service (some lines have dial tones, others do not), 20 have no service, and no one was home in the rest.

First Bezeq, the national phone company, tried to tell each person who called to complain that it was a problem in his or her own home. I argued that I doubted it was--I have two units and there was service in neither. I had also checked with my next door neighbor and she had no service, either. Bezeq told me that, due to where I live, they could only come next Tuesday to check.

If you know me at all, you know that is so not the thing to say to me. Too bad my horrorscope isn't Taurus--I'm always bullish when a red flag is waved in front of me. I went from door to door, checking with neighbors and urging them to complain (mentioning the statistics on phone outages) if they wanted service within the next 6 days.

The women all got the same answer I did. The two men I caught who called--now that did the trick. I just got a call from Bezeq (on my cellphone). There's a general problem in the area and they are working on it. Well, duh. Too bad it took the men calling to get them to listen.

[added ten minutes later]
Argh! There had been a line in my husband's office, so I went down there to work. Bezeq may be trying to fix the lines, but in the meanwhile, they've managed to intermittently cut off service here, too. 4 lines of mine down. Oh, joy. Why don't I have a cell phone modem?

Quite a bit of progress on the knitting front. Pics tomorrow, Bezeq willing.

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Batya said...

It really gets on my nerves that they, a big they, only listen to men.
when I'm with my husband, it's like I'm invisible.