Friday, July 22, 2005

Thank you!

Chrissie held a contest on her blog, and somehow, by Divine providence, I won. Look what she sent!

9 balls of Tweedy Lamb wool in a beautiful blue/purple which perfectly matches the wool I spun for The Middle Teen's sweater. I think MT is claiming this for herself; she fell in love with my Clappy on the plane out here and this yarn is calling to be made into one for her.

Susie sent me her felting mistake, which makes a wonderful kippah. Pictures to come, after The SPouse arrives in Florida to model.

And Alison sent me the greatest birthday gift--pictures of that coming up next time, too. (Gotta empty out the new knitting bag so I can show the cute lining.) Hey, Alison, I'm scheduled to be in Atlanta in March 2007. Keep the light on for me, OK?

Israel news: Israel is preparing beds for up to 2300
, including 900 beds currently serving Palestinian prisoners (three guess where the Palestinians will go to free up their beds.

Kfar Maimon news: Actress Yael Leventhal, who satirizes (or just mocks) settlers with her Nechama ben Yefuneh character, came to Kfar Maimon to film an episode. Some of the anti-expulsionists didn't take kindly to her mocking and reportedly attacked her. (Hebrew only) In an even stupider move, fellow actor David Malnik cursed out soldiers and was briefly arrested the police found out who he was. If real settlers had said the things he had, they'd be in jail until spring thaw. Guess it pays to have the right
political POV.

Best pictures out of Kfar Maimon:

A prayer group, divided courtesy of Uncle Arik.
And from Reuters:

No words.


Creative Genius? said...

March 2007 - you got a deal! Hey my house is somewhat kosher (although I am sure not nearly up to your standards) but I'll figure out something! You are always more than welcome to stay at our home... Bayit Shali... Bayit Shalo (My home is your home - at least that is what I was trying to say in my worse than pre-schooler Hebrew)

Hey, at any rate there HAS to be a place we can go for dinner!

Rachel Ann said...

My son was there guarding the back gate, and friends were inside. Vey confusing times.

Anyway, he said everyone was peaceful.

The news however is totally confusing. I keep hearing so many different stories that my head is spinning.

muse said...

that dovening picture, wow!