Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Should they stay or should they go?

The news out of Kfar Maimon is confusing. Did Moetzet [Chasrat] Yesha give in, and are people leaving? Are they holding fast? Was it all a cover so a thousand protesters could sneak into Gaza? And what on earth is happening with North Samaria? I hope they're holding fast, but a part of me hopes everyone is going home--I have a sneaking suspicion that the girl I asked to feed my cat while I'm away is stuck there, unable or unwilling to leave. Princess can hunt for her food for a day or two (she's an outdoor cat), but tomorrow The Spouse is going to call another neighbor and ask him to feed Cat-face if her regular meal ticket doesn't show up.

Meanwhile, I've been having more fiber fun here than allowed by law. Last night I drove down to Boca Raton with the girls, to join Jody and her knitting group. At first the girls were reluctant to go. "We won't know anyone. They'll just gossip about a lot of people we don't know. No one will talk to us." By the time we left, they were both begging to go again next week. And we will, if my dad loans me the car again.
But that Debbie Bliss bear Maddy was knitting? Man, what a pain! Way too fiddly for me. I'd take the sweater Jody knit and buy a bear sooner than rip my hair out with postage-stamp segments to sew together.
Jody loaned me her phone to speak to Alison, whom I had to thank for the best birthday gift! (Detail about that later this week, along with a meme and other assorted nonsense.) It was great putting a face (Jody) and a voice (Alison) with the names. But my poor girls--all day today they kept asking, "Jody is Alison's daughter, right? No--Alison is Jody's daughter? Are they sisters?" They didn't think Jody looked old enough to have a daughter living on her own. (Considering how many girls in my social circle get married at 18, this is a high compliment indeed.)

And all day long my father kept asking, "So who stitched and who bitched?" to which the girls replied: "We stitched. You bitched." (Hormone shots for cancerous men are not a pretty thing.)

There's nothing like knitting with other people to motivate a gal. I pulled out my Mariah, stalled over there on my sidebar since February.

It looks way bluer than it really is; in real life it's a royal purple. The brown stitch markers are part of a set sent to me by Leah. The third was hijacked by my son for its light refraction or some other physics mumbo-jumbo. Mariah doesn't look like much, but it's three times as large as it has been for the past 4 months.

I also worked on my Sockotta socks. I finally (a few weeks late) finished the first and started the second.


And I worked on book thongs to send along with my Stitch Marker Mania packages. Already made were stitch markers.

They were supposed to go out today, but the post office was closed due to a bomb scare. No, I'm not back home again; this was in West Palm. Maybe that's why the PO was still closed three hours after the scare began; at home it would have been open within a half hour.

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Creative Genius? said...

I am so happy you had a good time at the S. FL SnB meeting! It was wonderful to speak with you and if we couldn't meet in person I am glad you met my mother (and she'll be thrilled to know your daughters thought she was so young... after all she tells people she had me when she was 8!) :-)

I am also happy you liked your birthday gift... I wasn't sure what to get you as I wasn't sure what yarns you like and don't like-- so I figured we gals can always use a small knitting bag!

Hopefully I'll come to Israel soon or you'll be back in FL (or the Atlanta area) and we'll get to meet face to face!