Monday, July 25, 2005

There's an old joke

which is terribly racist. It goes:

Q: "What do you call 10,000 [insert name of a specific ethnic or racial group] at the bottom of the sea?"

A: "A good start."

I think the Israeli media feels that way about right wing Jews. Saturday night a Jerusalem couple, Dov and Rahel Kol,

were murdered on their way back from a family

weekend in Gush Katif. The Haaretz story I've linked to above really only eulogizes the husband, who had left wing

views, while making it clear that Rahel wasn't his "real" wife (i.e., first wife, biological mother of his granddaughter)

and that it was her fault they were there in the first place, since they were visiting her sister. "It is enraging to think

that a man like Dov, a man of peace and tolerance, was murdered like this," the article quotes one of Dov Kol's

friends as saying. I guess it's not enraging to think that his wife, who had the opposite political viewpoint, was

murdered as well.

Haim Yavin must agree with this. On Mabat, the state-sponsored TV network's news broadcast, he
that "the wrong man was murdered." I suppose he

thinks there are Jews whom it would be right to murder. After his TV documentary "Land of the Settlers," it wouldn't

be difficult to guess whom he meant.

And in knitting news: plugging away at Mariah. On the foot of my sock pal's socks, but (a) I'm not sure I have enough yarn and (b) I have too few stitches for a pattern repeat. I may have to frog and start again (yet again). It's a good thing I have 6 or so weeks! 6SocksKAL is stall for lack of needles, as is the pink ribbon tank--Wednesday we go to Miami, and with any luck I'll find needles there. West Palm is a needle desert.

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