Friday, July 08, 2005

And sometimes knitting gets done, too!

Before the Spouse went off to NY, he requested a new kippah with a specific design. The man is finally getting radicalized:

It says Tzfon HaShomron. No Gush Katif for the man, especially since the new orange bracelets have "I heart Gush Katif," leaving our crew out in the cold.

And I got myself a new T-shirt for travelling. I feel like a fake in it, though, since I'm taking my kids away for the summer partially so they won't be tempted to enroll in Camp Maasiyahu (in RL, one of the prisons where Israeli political prisoners are incarcerated).

I also started my Sockapal2za socks. And frogged them. And started them again. And frogged them again. And started them again. The third time had better be the charm.

Fiona is done. Well, sorta kinda. I finished all the knitting, but still have to sew the ties on, sew down the facing, and weave in ends. For that I'm not shlepping it to Florida. If you're bulky wool, you don't deserve a summer vacation. Bye, FiFi. See you in the fall. (Someone remind me!)

Off to Florida with the girls Saturday night. See you Stateside!

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muse said...

I have to ask your advice. My daughter and I thought that I should try crocheting hats, since schlepping my needlepoint to the states is...
Years/decades ago, when my eyes were young, I used to crochet kippot. Do you think I can just fake it? and try a ladies' hat?