Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday Travels

Or, what I did on my spring vacation (besides getting a new battery for my parents' car):

Will some one please remind me, before the next time I go flying off to the States (July 10) that I am now in the States 4-5 times a year and don't need to buy like I'm never coming back? That Lush, Webs, Knit Picks, Amazon, and Patternworks will be there the next trip in, too? Thank you.

That said, the damage:

Cotton from Walmart, weaving cotton from Webs (for curtains), hemp (for cocktail monkey? for facecloths?) from Rag Shop, and silk boucle (at $3/lb--can you beat that?) from Webs:

Catherine sent me a RAOK. Back in April I bought some ribbon yarn that had been driving her mad, and when she sent me the yarn she RAOKed me with the pattern she was going to use. It's a very pretty, simple and elegant tank. I can see that the Girl Teens and I will be fighting over it when I'm done.

When Lisa destashed, I picked up all this sock yarn for a song (well, not really--I wouldn't want to deafen Lisa, or you):

And, of course, Knit Picks. Enough Palisades (sob) for The Youngest Teen's Fiora (from Adrienne Vittadini's Fall 2004 book.

My parents gave me this knitting bag. It's really a beach tote, from a hotel that went out of business in April (my folks were among the final customers), but it's honkin' huge. I mean, I've got about 40 skeins of yarn in there for this picture, and the only reason some is peeking out the top is because I photo-styled it that way. I could easily have gotten another 10 or 20 skeins in there.

Of course there were books. And lots of Lush. I don't think there's a thing from Lush I don't like (aside from their new Olive Branch shower gel which I object to on political grounds. WHo do they think they're kidding? If the groves are owned by Israeli Arabs, then they aren't Palestinians, they're Israelis, unless they move to the Palestinian areas. If they are Palestinians, does Lush honestly believe, with all the corruption in the Palestinian Authority, that the olive grove owners are allowed to keep all their profits, that none are paid to their government as protection money? And just where does that protection money end up? Anyone remember the Karin A?

All good shopping must end, though. And so to home. Yesterday was Jerusalem Day. Lots of people in the center of town. Lots of orange.


muse said...

Great picture. I was in Jerusalem yesterday but too early for the fun.
I don't travel to the states much; it has been a few years. But I've gotten used to buying things here and finally know where there are good stores. the only thing I need to buy, which I haven't found here, are water-aerobic exercise gloves.

Danielle said...

What a cool picture.

My fav knitting bag is also a tote that was ment for something other than knitting but it is the best bag.

Do you think the webs cone stuff would be ok for knitting? I always look and think about getting some but I am always wary of things I have not touched.

Even if you come to the staes 4-5 times a year it is still fun to stock up.

D surfing the RAOK ring