Sunday, June 19, 2005

Get me, Ms. Big Time International Weapons Dealer

I must be a very dangerous person, because I have shipped quite a few weapons to Europe and to America. Good thing I don't live in Gush Katif, or the army might come in the night to arrest me, too.

If you want momentos of the war to come (including the ribbon weapons--I wonder what gymnasts could do with them), visit the Gush Katif store.
The one thing that bothers me in all the preparations to fight this madness is the nearly total emphasis on Gush Katif. The government's also expelling the residents of North Shomron; rumor had it that they were planning to close that area as early as this week. Yet there has been no public outcry. I admit that Gush Katif is important, buit I think North Shomron is more so, both strategically and historically. But Gush Katif has the publicists, so they get the news stories, they get the people moving down there (ironically, from the Shomron, too, instead of these people moving a little north).

Today a friend of mine called up a woman who lives in one of teh North Shomron communities. "I want to come help," she told the woman.

"Help with what?"

"The new families, the old--whatever you need."

"All I need is help packing. The government doesn't want us here," the woman told her. "The people don't seem to care, either. So why should I risk staying?"

Support the settlements of North Shomron! And oh, yeah, if you have a little energy to spare, Gush Katif, too.

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