Friday, June 17, 2005

Sometimes you can actually hear G-d laugh

Sometimes it's with you :

  • The NSLYS had bamboo needles in 2.0 (for the Sockotta) and 2.5 mm (to replace the Brittany Birch needles. I hate the rounded tips.)

  • One of the bead stores I went to yesterday had cool beads for Marker Mania, and on sale, too!

  • I found about 2/3 of what I was looking for to send my SP5.

  • I've heard from all my various "pals"--SP, sockapal2za, and the woman I sent the Bead It 2 to put a link to me on her blog, so I'm assuming she's figured out that I'm me, though I don't know if she got the markers yet.

  • The Oldest Teen graduated high school (more about this next week). His teachers actually let him live long enough to finish--amazing.

Sometimes it's at you:

  • All the Teens are out of the house this weekend. Oldest Teen is off to a post-grad party/weekend of study with his friends at the Beit Shean yeshiva, and the Middle and Youngest Teen are in Kiryat Arba. It's just The Spouse and me, but since we're both so crazy busy with work (I'm still trying to make up the time I didn't work when we wet to Houston, and then when I went to Florida, and he's behind because someone else flaked out on a job he subcontracted to them) that we can't go away at all; we'll both be working until the last minute before the Sabbath and start again the minute it ends. Why couldn't the kids have all gone away next week, when the pressure would be off The Spouse, at least, and I could take off and call it a birthday gift to myself?

  • I'm so tired that I was halfway through my breakfast of a hard boiled egg sandwich before I realized I'd never boiled an egg. Ever had mayonnaise and gari on a roll? [shudder]

  • I've finally come to the conclusion that The Youngest Teen is craftier than I:

    The Youngest Teen's graduation present to The Oldest Teen. Made of a broken cork board, old ratty comics, all found in Oldest Teen's trash. Add a coat of paint left over from painting Oldest Teen's room 3 years ago, and -- a new wall hanging.


Rachel Ann said...

My baby's graduating gan. Next year she is a first grader, I'll have two sons in the army and a one in the 6th grade.

I know I never gave them permission to grow up like that !

Judi said...

My oldest just graduated from 8th grade. I don't know where the time's gone.

Please post more photos of your knitting- I'm almost at the point where I'm shamed enough to pick up my mohair jacket project that I put down because I was sick of the fuzz. It still has to be finished, right?

emy said...

Hey, your Youngest is very artistically talented! I would love that on my wall :)