Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday political roundup

Disengaement is going to make Israel such a better place!

Negev residents are told to prepare for a "better tomorrow" -- by leaving doors and windows locked at all times; residents with licensed weapons are encouraged to carry their gun at all times.

Our peace partners are on the verge of collapse, but they will not collect weapons from their "militants." The Jews' weapons, of course, will be collected, because we all know those Jews just can't be trusted.

Of course, our media isn;t biased. Read all about a settler who attacked a soldier. Of course, what the article -- in all innocence, I'm sure -- leaves out is the reason why the settler attacked. Over a poster? Fugedabodit. Posters like this are all over the concrete barriers already. No, it was just the small matter of the soldier having the barrel of his rifle up against the settler's chest and his finger on the trigger. But what's a potential point-blank-range bullet or two between friends, right? Guess that whole "no human rights for settlers thing" is really catching on.

Maybe Sharon's just playing with us all. Maybe it's time we returned the favor.

In other news: Won a movie ticket doing some searching on Blingo. Perfect timing--it should arrive while I'm in Florida and have the chance to use it. Because I won a ticket, so did Stinkerbelle, who sent me the invitation to sign up. If any wants an invite, let me know. Blingo uses Google's search engine, plus you have the chance to win movie tickets and Amazon gift certificates. Hey, if I could win, anyone could.

Happy Shavuot! Just keep in mind what all those cheese cakes and blintzes do to your diet....


stephanie said...

mmmmmm... dairy! notsommmmm... lactaid.

stephanie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Moze!
I got your card this morning, it was a very perky way to have coffee.