Monday, June 06, 2005

RAOKing my world

RAOK is always in fashion!

Back in the middle of April everyone's favorite yarnho had a contest to explain what a certain "item" she had bought was, and she found my guess "witty and intriging," though my "mind is in the gutter." (And thank you for the compliment, but I think the gutter is a level or two up from where my mind resides.) She sent me out a package and joked it would get here in June. Looks like the joke was on her, because it got here today, and it's only--oh, wait--it *is* June.

Talk about perfect timing. It's Jerusalem Day, so the Teens are out doing flag-dancing until 1 am. Going chill us some wine, slip it in the wine bag, and then open up that shea butter sugar scrub and that body cream...

Oh, yeah, and where did *your* minds just slip to, huh?

Before I went to Florida, Heide sent me a RAOK, which got here while I was away.

Of course the Teens opened it and made me up a list of what I *must* get on the needles right away--the gussetted floor cushions, the stuffed animals, and an hourglass sweater. Good thing I brought home all this yarn (more about that tomorrow, if no one gets arrested tonight).

Another gft I came home to was The Youngest Teen's "depressed and straight-jacketed" horse:

Amazing what a 13 year old can do with telephone wire, paper crimpers, and a really weird imagination.

I sent out my Bead It 2 stitch markers today:

Since the giftee isn;t in Israel, it might take just short of forever to get there.

In both BI2 and SP5 I got difficult partners, for different reasons. The only real contact I've had with my BI2 partner is in reading her blog, and her posts nearly frightened me into bailing out, but what's the worst that can happen--she can hate what I sent? My SP5 giftee seems like a really cool person, but is very difficult to shop for (reasons will be obvious after the reveal). Oh, well, I'll try to be creative and hope she doesn;t hate me for not being even more so. I don't think she's the type who will; we'll see after she gets her first package.

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Katie said...

Ooooo... Are those little hand beads? So cute!