Monday, August 21, 2006

Random Ramblings fromRecent Royalty

Diane's alliteration deserves some -- well, something in return. Thanks to Anne for leading me to the game. In truth, it was the "not Russia at the time of his birth" that led me to identify G.I. Gurdjieff as the Dead Guy.

Speaking of man and mustaches, I ought to write something about the Lebanese mud we're getting pulled into like something out of a Brer Rabbit story. The politicians will never be able to get their hands clean. But really, what could I say about Amir Peretz that I didn't knit before the elections?

There's a protest boycott being organized by e-mail for tomorrow night. Organizers are (in Hebrew) asking people not to watch tomorrow night's news in protest over the way loose lipped reporters, out chasing scoops, helped Hizballah pinpoint where their missles fell. FYI--I'm not participating because I haven't actually watched any of the news programs since early 2001. There's only so much I can take being called all sorts of names, and with three teens in the house, I don't need Yonit and Chaim taking their turns, too.

Instead, I'll knit. Amazingly, I actually finished something. Typically, it's from a book everyone else discovered months ago (which is dog years in internet time).

The Mason-Dixon felt basket in its natural state:


And in use:
(I think I'm going to have a William Carlos Williams moment...)


Sarah said...

Does the basket stay up pretty well on its own or not?

I have eyed that pattern and have definitely thought about knitting it in the future.

Safranit said...

Well, since we don't have a TV, I guess I can't boycott the news...

My copy of Mason Dixon Knitting is trapped with the certain relative
who decided not to come. I won't even talk to this person to find out when I will get my book...and it was my birthday present to myself!

keri said...

I really like the way the basket turned're way ahead of me I've only made a few things out of that book.

Lucy said...

Ya know, my fiance has a blog where he talks about things he wants to rant about...and loose lipped reporters are one of them. He didn't use those words exactly, but sometimes I have to just shake my head at them. Oh, by the way, that basket turned out really nice. I've only felted one so far....I like the look of them.

Diane said...

I'm so hopeless with that kind of thing. I can sew a bit but the only thing I can knit is my brow.