Monday, August 07, 2006

Does this mean I have to start liking Lion Brand?

Hello, people coming in from Overheard in New York. Unfortunately, Overheard in Israel is a lot less entertaining...

Madison, NJ women knit for victims of terror. Can I be catty? Oh, sure I can--this is my blog. I am *so* happy to see that they started this a year ago, for terror victims. I feel as bad for the people of Haifa and Tzefat as anyone, but where was all the national unity when people in Yesha were getting shot at, gunned down in their own homes, kidnapped, or bombed? Where was the national unity when Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Hadera were having Arabs blow themselves up downtown? Where was the national unity when Shederot was/is getting bombed? I'm glad to see that, though this group is getting publicity now, they've been active before it was quite so fashionable. It's awfully nice of Lion Brand to donate the yarn, and I know many, many Israelis are happy with acrylic (gioven what's in the yarn stores here, most of them simply don't know better) but I hope a lot of the yarn being knitted for distribution here is the good stuff. Because really, sending petrochemicals made from Arab oil byproducts to victims of Arab terror--no.

Saturday night I was listening the rad. A man from Haifa had taken shelter in Hadera, which itself was attacked on Friday. Mr. Haifa tells the reporter: "Well, now the people in Hadera know how we feel." And all I could think of was The Middle Teen's next-year principal, telling the parents "We haven't had a terror attack in forever--the last one was in the middle of Sukkot" (10 months ago). And some guy from Haifa thinks he can teach the Haderans something? Teach his grandmother to suck eggs, more like.


Sarah said...

Yikes......nope, you don't have to like Lion Brand.

I do a fair amount of charity knitting and they mostly request acrylic yarn because it wears like IRON!

--Deb said...

Interesting--this is the first I've heard of this group, and Madison is only 12 miles from where I live. (Also where my University was, when I went to college.) Just . . . it's bizarre to see local news on a blog that's, what, 4000 miles away?

But no, I wouldn't worry too much about deciding to love Lion Brand. You're much better off with the real stuff.

Safranit said...

Ouch...and to think you probably saw this on my blog first!

Moze, just so you know there was a group that started a few years ago called "HaSmecha Sheli" which gave out blankets to terror victims. It was an Israeli group. (They kind of dissappeared though)

When I start having my group knit blankets will we be required to knit with natural fibers? I don't think I personally can afford it.

But yes, it is your blog and you can get as snarky as you would like...