Tuesday, August 15, 2006

National Knitting Service

Proof positive The Middle Teen is moving out prior to what's basically the first of three years of national service:


She's cleaning her room. (As opposed to the Oldest Teen, who basically moved out 5 years ago, she's pretty much renouncing this as her home. "You'll have a guest room!" she chirped as she threw out yet another bag of trash. I refrained from reminding her that the fact that she's finally cleaning her room, after 17 years, doesn't mean I've seen the last of her.) She's dismantling her stash and handed me a pile of dishcloth cotton.

The little stinker is keeping her Trekking, Cotton Ease, and handspun.


Sir Dirty Joke said...

Ah, teens! You gotta love em!

Sarah said...

Um, how are you doing with her moving out?????

Good luck getting the "good" yarn.

Lucy said...

I'm jealous...I love dishcloth cotton!

muse said...

They come and go over the years, as you must know. At least she's cleaning.

Anonymous said...

You better think about where you can move to away from the Middle East.

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I believe it's because of the tolerance that has been seen in your nation for homosexuality, BSDM, and other immoral behavior.

Chronicles 24:20
New International Version (NIV)

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stephanie said...

WTH was that about?? Anyhoo...

Hope the move goes smoothly and you get some of the good stuff from Middle Teen. Speaking of which, for some reason I thought you liked Magic Stripes? I have a little cotton ease to send if you'd like. --bright colors. post at my place and we'll chat if you're interested.