Monday, August 28, 2006

How I became a statistic

Most of our plans for this summer involved being up north, plans which were cancelled by the Hezbollah and our own government. To make up for it, Friday we went out as a family to the Middle Teen's new obsession--bowling.
Here's the Oldest Teen (Happy Birthday, Boy!--19 years old today) trying to steer the ball with his body


On the way home the Oldest Teen was driving (gotta let him get all the practice he can) when a woman coming out of the local Arab town lost control of her car coming into what we locals call Death Curve. Oldest Teen did an amazing job of driving, but we still came away with a lovely souvenir
but you should see the other guy
She got taken to the hospital; we only had bumps and bruises.

What was odd (#1) is that the secod car she hit belongs to another car in our town, so local gossip had it that we'd gotten into an accident with our neighbors. All Shabbat both families were doing damage control to squash those stories.
What was odd (#2) was the reactions. The neighbor's car was being driven by their 20 year old, and when she got out of the car she stretched out on the road, in shock. The Oldest Teen got out of our car, looked around, and decalred, "Did you see that? It was just like Fast & Furious 3! Woohoo!" Boys...


Safranit said...

I'm glad you are all okay...I love the son's reaction! The difference between boys and girls

Sarah said...

Oh man, of course teens would find the girls reaction funny.

Glad everyone was ok.

Lucy said...

So so glad you are okay....bummer about the car though. Gotta love those teens!!!

Diane said...

Wow! Some birthday! At least it's one he's not likely to forget anytime soon.

muse said...

Did you do a seudat hodaya and all?
We're planning a big one in Shiloh for all the guys safely returned from the war.

Rachel Ann said...

glad you are okay. How is the girl? And what happened to the driver of the other car? Will she be charged?