Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Lion sleeps tonight

Follow up to yesterday's post.

First off, mitpachat tip to Jerusalem Knitting and Craft, who had the link on her blog yesterday.

Yes, I understand why people would use acrylic when sending gifts/charity to others, to people who may not have the time/desire/know-how to care for natural fibers properly. When I gift, even I do it in acrylic 99% of the time because of future care. But still, somehow the thought of (as I said) Arab petrochemical byproducts to victims of Arab terror just rubs me wrong.

And as for Lion Brand, I realized that even I have a sleeping Lion in my stash.


Oddly enough, through no planning on my part, it's in a box full of sock yarn I don't like wearing--the rest is Sockotta. Like gravitates to like.


zibibbo said...

*shakes head until brains hurt*

petroyarn, dont' do it!

Safranit said...

Now I'm really in trouble...I said I would collect yarn and needles for the north....someone in the US contacted some vendors, and now petroyarn is headed to Israel (yes lionbrand)


Please don't hate me that I'm not a natural yarn user.....