Thursday, November 24, 2005

Back post: Turkey, Pikachu, and the Spud Man

Thanksgiving. We flew in from Houston at 2 am and are headed down to Baltimore later on today. But first, something I have never done.

I lived the first 25 years of my life in New York, and had never gone to the Macy's Parade. There were people everywhere, but we finally found a quiet spot on 36th and 6th to watch the action. I realize that, bad blogger I'm being, I left my camera in Brooklyn and only had a nearly-out-of-batteries Palm to work with.

I read that Alison and the Things were there, too. Along with what seemed like half the population of the Eastern Seaboard. When we saw Santa pass us, we bailed and headed uptown to 42 St., figuring the crowds would have gotten on the trains before us, and we wouldn't be playing sardines on the way back to Brooklyn. Score one for the home team--it worked. And yay to the NYC Transit Authority for half priced weekend fares!

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Jane Dark said...

Terrible, I know -- but I really would love to see all of the balloons cut adrift, meandering through the city.

I know. They'd probably pop too soon. But I still wish it could happen.