Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bad blogger alert

It happens every time. I say I'll work consistent hours while I'm touring the States -- and I don't. I say I'll blog faithfully, and even though I download my pictures to my laptop, I don't blog.

But my Secret Pal sent me such a box of goodies I had to break my silence.

I swear, my SP is reading my mind. Noro. Noro, I tell you. Bath fizzies, which are my current obsession. Mary Engelbreit post-its, which I contemplated in her store at the St. Louis Galleria but couldn't buy because we had to leave for the airport. Euclan concentrate! Now I'll get to see if it’s as good as its rep. A Clover yarn cutter, which will replace the one I lost somewhere between Houston and St. Louis. And did I mention the Noro? Yarn needles (a girl's best friend), a small pen for my passport case, a gorgeous Chinese embroidery box and 4 super-cool stitch markers, and are you sure I mentioned the Noro? I have, hands-down, the best SP. Don't argue with me, I do. So there.

Now to the back posts…


amysue said...

You have to love the Noro. I just finished a bag for my Mom using a skein of Kureyon. Id yours Silk Garden? (I love Silk Garden)

muse said...


Janjan said...

Really fun to have dinner with you folks last night!
Remember ro call next time you're in town.