Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Backpost: Houston

After the convention, The Spouse had work to do for 2 congregations. I felt like such a good suburban housewife: I'd drive him to work in the morning, go to the mall to shop my little heart out (geez, all I bought was a Houston magnet for the sukkah and a 100% cotton brown/gold skirt that was on sale for $12. So how come our luggage was about 10 pounds heavier going out of Houston than in?) and then I'd pick him up from work.

We did go out to eat once. Since the Chinese vegetarian place on Westheimer no longer has HKA supervision, we got recommendations from locals and went to the dairy Indian place, Madras Pavillion. Good food, even for those who don't keep kosher.

Our last day in town we drove around town. Downtown was a ghost area, which is always a surprise to me after large East Coast cities. I suppose it's the lack of a mix--it's all offices or hotels, no small shops, residences, all the stuff that makes people want to walk around.

Getting there we got a little lost and passed a topiary nursery. Pretty, huh?

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