Sunday, November 20, 2005

A short post

Still at the URJ Biennial in Houston; it's all over later today except for the following up on leads. (We're at booth 243 in the exhibition hall, if anyone wants to stop by and say hello. Stop at the booth next to us for amazing fair-trade coffee, chocolate, and tea while you're there.)

It's a bloggers' carnival here -- so far I know Random Meanderings and Velveteen Rabbi.

Thank the Lord above we've been doing a brisk business, so not much knitting -- divided the front from the back on the pink tank top and got about 8" done on the Cinxia sleeve. Tonight, it's back to work and my knitting -- I miss them both. (Work? Now I know I'm punch drunk.)

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Anonymous said...

hey, your link for randommeanderings is broken...

that should do it, but thanks for the link... was looking for biennial blogs :)