Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hello, Florida; Goodbye, Florida

I love free WiFi in airports. Have I already said that? Oh, yeah, every time I travel. Seriously, JFK airport needs to get on the ball. It's bad enough having to pay for WiFi (hello, Newark International) but not even to have it? Come on, even Terminal 3 in Israel has it, and so does Palm Beach International (International, this dinky little airport? Sure....) where I am sitting right now.

Yes, I did land in the US yesterday. Yes, I have already checked off one city on my Hurricane tour. Yes, I am crazy, flying down to see the 'rents for less than 24 hours. But hey, they were crazy enough to diaper me, weren't they? And to give me beer bottles to drink when I was very small, like under 3?

Besides, I love the view down here. Look at this beautiful picture I woke up to this am:

Isn't that nicer than waking up to an overcast Brooklyn day?

The Youngest Teen called this morning; she's dropping dance class and starting pre-med class. The idea of watching real surgeries is much hotter than the idea of a nice jazz step. But why does she always have to wait until we're out of the country to have a life-changing revelation?

Time to board the plane--2 hours and 40 minutes of quality sock knitting time. Yesterday I finished one cuff of the Six Socks Mosaic socks; on Friday, on the way to Houston, I'll do the heels and start the feet. At this rate, I won't even be racing to the deadline as usual. What heresy!

If you have a minute, spare a thought for David Lasser, a 19 year old from Elon Moreh, where my kids used to go to school. He was arrested for "cutting down olive trees" outside his settlement and held in the Secret Services basement (aka Torture Central) and not allowed to meet with a lawyer. Enough of a stink was finally made, a lawyer worked his case without benefit of meeting his client, and David was released--without charges being pressed against him. Does the fact that his father is an influentual member of the local community have anything to do with this false arrest?


Batya said...

I could use some Florida heat. It's cold here.

Jane Dark said...

I would like Florida heat, too.

Watching surgeries instead of learning nice jazz moves is well and good until you're performing the surgery and slip on a smear of ambiguous medical liquid and a good jazz move is the only way of recovering your balance without accidentally puncturing your patient's lung/liver/left ventricle.