Thursday, December 22, 2005

Everybody now: switch

Another bit of unfinished back post business: the greatest that was the Switch Marker Swap. Look at the beauties the mail brought me:

From Heatherly. Don't these look like licorice candies? I love garnet. This was Heatherly's first swap, and she did rad good.

And the stamps on the package--Chanukah and Dr. Seuss? So cute. The Youngest Teen loves them.

From Sherry, who was kind enough to remember the markers I sent her in an earlier swap. The bath soak? History. It's supposed to be anti-stress, but it did a good job at anti-jet-lag, too.
And the card? Don't tell anyone, but I'm a sucker for light. I love painting which are luminous, like this.

But the main thing is, of course, the markers, and these rule. Delicate spiral nautili with iridescent beads. I can just see using these on black lace--they'd sparkle and be exquisite.

Now, Teresa has things all set up. Look at the cool packaging of her markers:

The leafy markers are very pretty, but this is the first time I've seen anything like the black and pink beads.

And finally, from Michaele, who is, happily, off the rat-poison.

What I didn’t realize, when I took this picture, is that if you flip over the ladybug markers, you can see the underside of the bug--legs and the underside of the body. How amazing is that?

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Rachel Ann said...

Oh,how I could use that soak!!!!