Monday, January 02, 2006

Someone's looking out for me

Life's been--well, you know that dice game guys in old ganster movies played in back alleys? Yeah, life's been that lately, and will be that way for the next few years. Stupidity is inexcusable, and that's all I'm allowed to say about that.

But in the midst of all this, I got a package from my still Secret Pal (now will you tell me who you are?). This is the final proof that my SP is the absolute best there was in this round.

Aside from the adorable little sheep and more post-its (I'm in post-it heaven!), there's a sock's worth of Fortissima (already claimed by The Middle Teen; we just have to figure out which pattern I'm knitting it up in), two skeins of a lovely alpaca, a larger size of my favorite irredescent dark bead, and a tub of Udderly Smooth. Not only is this a great skin cream, but the directions are hysterical when you're using it for a woman and not its intended bovine:
Wash udder and teat parts thoroughly with clean water before each milking to prevent contamination of milk. Use clean individual towels for this purpose. Apply to the udder after each milking, massaging into the skin. For teat cracks apply in suuficient quantity to fill crack and cover surrounding area. Apply uniformly to chafed area and bruises to maintain skin suppleness. For aid in softening swollen udders following calving, apply liberally twice daily with gentle massage. May be used for chapped or chafed skin. Do not use in or near eyes.

Thnak you, SP. I know this package took a long time to get here, but its timing couldn't have been better.


Janjan said...

Yeah...bury yourself in knitting. I'll be joining with my youngest has been ......well you know....

Evolved Yarn said...

Yeah!!! Finally it got there!!! Woo hoo!! I was checking MY mailbox again, hoping that it wasn't going to show up there yet again. I am so glad you liked everything. That Alpaca is my absolute favorite to work with and dh has asked for a scarf in it!! I guess it is time to reveal myself! I am Kathy from Evolved Yarn
It has been so much fun being your Secret Pal and I have really enjoyed reading your blog!
Keep in touch!
Your friend,