Sunday, December 18, 2005

Goodbye, road. Welcome to jet-lag city.

Home at last. I wouldn't mind jet-lag so much if I didn't have kids at home. I work freelance, so I could, technically, get up whenever I wanted to, work my 10-12 hours, goof off, and then go back to bed.

But the former rugrats, now the Teens, have a real life. This morning the Oldest Teen needed to get up at 5:30, the Middle Teen and 6:00, and the Youngest Teen and her guest at 6:15. Not very conducive to a Mama reducing her sleep debt, especially when all the females in the house stayed up late last night watching the new Israeli reality TV show from the production mega-house of Tzvika Hadar, Born to Dance. Thank the heavens above for Lush's Whoosh temple balm.

I was surprised at my daughters' reactions to the dance program (it's American Idol meets the dance world). I hadn't realized they knew the subtle distinctions between swing dancing and early rock n' roll, between hip-hop and pop. I didn;t know that their dance vocabulary had so many jargon-y English words. And I didn't realize what budding feminists they are: they were very upset that the men knew they could go out and do porfessional-level dancing to get to the next level while the women mainly chose to sell themselves. They were cheerin last night when the least talented, most T&A of the night's dancers was voted off by the audience.

Back posting will continue until I get caught up on RL.


Julie said...

I was just shopping at Lush last night in Boston and wondering if the temple balm was good for jetlag. I've got a friend who's traveling more often that not so jetlag is a big issue for her. Glad you mentioned it!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Oooh, I've been eyeing that Temple Balm. Drat. Curses. Vexation. Now I have to get some. I think it must be mandatory.

Hey, I have something here that would like to be THERE with you, except I tried to get your address off that last SP package and I remember you told me not to do that because of travels and now the box is gone and... I don't suppose you'd be willing to drop your snail mail addy into my email, would you?

Hope you reduce the sleep debt soon.

Jane Dark said...

That Whoosh Temple balm looks fabulous. What happened to alarm clocks, though? Or do the teens make so much noise that you just end up awake anyway?