Thursday, December 05, 2002

Oh, wow--it's been months since I posted. If I can start doing this on a regular basis, I'll publish the URL. Otherwise, it'll be writing into the wind.

Last night we had a Chanukah party at Aunt Rae and Uncle Arnold's new apartment. I kept waiting for all their glass and ceremaics to go crashing, but as of when I left at 10-ish, only the ceramic lion table got chipped--NOT BY MY KIDS!!! Of course I didn't take pictures--just because I finally got batteries for the digital camera doesn't mean I have to use it....

S is still waiting to hear from high schools--a little waiting is good to pull her down a notch. Too bad she needs to come down two.

A's turning into a teen ager. Now if I could only get her to stop picking her zits.

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