Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not the Israel National Trail, still not for the old and enfeebled

What I did on my 42nd birthday

While some people boycotted the march to Chomesh this Tuesday, I went. Why?

(a) Yes, it was organized by Moetzet Resha. Anyone who doesn't know that this means you go, you walk around, you take pictures and you get out of there when told (and come back on your own later, without the snitches) almost deserves to get caught. Come on--our teens know who's unreliable. Still, it was a chance to go to Chomesh.

(b) My daughters were going. Their friends were going. It was my birthday. I'm going to stay home because I don't like the organizers? Screw 'em--I'll go where I want, when I want.

(c) Something very odd was going on during the march. Several times army vehicles pulled up alongside us and shouted encouragement: "Way to go--you're the heroes! Keep going--you're halfway there." "Settlers are great! Settlers are heroes! Welcome back to Chomesh!" It's almost like they went out of their way to send unzerer soldiers. And the shortcuts they allowed us to take on the march were not the same ones which were taken on the last march. One of the kids I climbed the hill with said "It's almost like the army is teaching us new paths up there."

(d) Planning for July, G-d willing, if my father isn't in then and needing my care. 'Nuff said.

While I'm resting my aching legs (it took us over 3 hours to walk up from the junction of Shavei Shomron to Chomesh -- we have got to get back into shape), some pictures:

The start of the march (look--there's still a trail here!)

A scarecrow--if you're following Dr Who in recent weeks, you'll know why that could scare more than crows.

By this time we'd lost The Spouse, who couldn't keep up with the kids (while I was trying valiantly). We waited for him at Sebastia for a while, then gave up when he was till lagging behind.

We continued on, this time thankfully mainly on paved road (though certainly not hobo grade).

Finally The Spouse caught up to us by taking a few short cuts we didn't take (and having some teen boys almost literally drag him along) and calling us to wait for him. Man, was I happy I had thought to bring my spindle along to keep me diverted -- well, that and discussing Peres vs. Rivlin with all the press photographers who staked out the turn-off from the road to the no-trail shortcut.

(See that road in the center of the picture? That's where we'd come from. See the trail we took? No, we didn't either. We just kept going "up" until we found another paved road.)

At last we got to Chomesh (see how nicely the plants are surviving?)

where The Youngest Teen was waiting. She and her friends had come in bus chartered by her school, because they had classes until 1 pm. We said mincha and had my birthday cake, baked by Youngest Teen and somewhat worse for having survived the trip up strapped to The Spouse's back.

The media was out in force up here, too. Well, of course. Didn't Bentzi Lieberman and his crowd need cameras to play to?

We escaped the crowded entrance and went for a quiet walk around the yishuv, just the two of us and 5 teenagers in tow.
Looks pretty much like any other yishuv, doesn't it? Aside from the lack of buildings and electrical wires overhead. It would be so easy to rebuild Chomesh...

The water tower is still up, even, painted in honor of the crowd.

Hurrah for the kids who came ready to clean and plant!


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I understand that the kids who painted the water tower orange were arrested.

While I can understand wanting to go, I cannot in good conscience help Moetzet Resha at all.

They don't even have any ideology left (Razi Barka'ee made that comment to Bentzi Leiberman on Galie Zahal, when Bentzi's only defense for Chomesh was based on a security need....)

In any event...happy birthday :)

Lucy said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

diane h said...

We are just now watching Dr. Who on PBS but not the actor you linked to. Rose Taylor (Billie ??) is the sidekick. Probably a year or two behind.